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Price :
130 000 €
Area: 98 sq.m.
Ref. No: A22411
This two-bedroom apartment is 98 sq.m. It is located on the third floor of a five-storey brick residential building built in 2001.
Price :
160 000 €
Area: 230 sq.m.
Garden: 600 sq.m.
Ref. No: 22514
This solid two-storey house with a reinforced concrete skeleton is 80 sq.m. It is built in 2012 on a quiet street in the Republic district of Sofia, near the branch from Evropa Boulevard to Bankya.
Price :
75 000 €
Area: 70 sq.m.
Ref. No: 29487
This newly furnished two-bedroom apartment, 70 sq.m., is located on the ground floor in a residential building, situated in the villa region of Vergia about 50 m away from the wonderful beach of Nea Kalikratia, just thirty kilometers to the south of Thessaloniki.
Price :
100 000 €
Area: 160 sq.m.
Garden: 250 sq.m.
Ref. No: 29392
Тази полуобзаведена и добре поддържана двуетажна къща е с разгъната площ от 160 кв.м. Намира се във вилната зона на около 500 м плажа на курортното селище Неа Каликратия, разположено в началото на Халкидики на около тридесетина километра южно от град Солун.
Price :
17 500 €
Area: 1000 sq.m.
Ref. No: 820
This regulated plot of land is 1000 sq.m. and it is suitable for residential use. It is located not far from the church of the small boundary village Durankulak.
Price :
7 500 €
Area: 500 sq.m.
Ref. No: 821
This regulated plot of land is 500 sq.m. It is used for residential purposes and it is located near the church of the very small boundary village of Staevtsi.
Price :
18 500 €
Area: 200 sq.m.
Garden: 960 sq.m.
Ref. No: 06117
This two-storey brick house is 55 sq. m. and it is located in the central part of the Danube Plain along the Skat River in the town of Byala Slatina.
Price :
65 000 €
Area: 55 sq.m.
Ref. No: 29586
This unfurnished one-bedroom apartment is 55 sq.m. It is located on the third floor of a solid residential building, which is part of a complex built in 1974.