Инвестиционно Строителна Борса
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Price :
160 000 €
Area: 230 sq.m.
Garden: 600 sq.m.
Ref. No: 22514
This solid two-storey house with a reinforced concrete skeleton is 80 sq.m. It is built in 2012 on a quiet street in the Republic district of Sofia, near the branch from Evropa Boulevard to Bankya.
Price :
100 000 €
Area: 160 sq.m.
Garden: 250 sq.m.
Ref. No: 29392
Тази полуобзаведена и добре поддържана двуетажна къща е с разгъната площ от 160 кв.м. Намира се във вилната зона на около 500 м плажа на курортното селище Неа Каликратия, разположено в началото на Халкидики на около тридесетина километра южно от град Солун.
Price :
18 500 €
Area: 200 sq.m.
Garden: 960 sq.m.
Ref. No: 06117
This two-storey brick house is 55 sq. m. and it is located in the central part of the Danube Plain along the Skat River in the town of Byala Slatina.
Price :
400 000 €
Area: 160 sq.m.
Ref. No: 29389
These newly built two-storey houses with a third basement are divided into two groups in a small complex of 13 houses with a shared pool to each group (14m / 8m and a children"s section on one end). The houses are located in Hanioti, about 650 meters from the beach of one of the liveliest and most prestigious resorts on the eastern coast of Kassandra Peninsula.
Price :
85 000 €
Area: 86 sq.m.
Garden: 400 sq.m.
Ref. No: 29390
This furnished one-storey house is 86 sq.m. It is located in the resort village of Ofrinio, known for its beautiful beach and situated on the shore of a quiet bay between Asprovalta and Kavala.
Price :
1 500 €/ month 
Area: 450 sq.m.
Garden: 300 sq.m.
Ref. No: 006
This new unfurnished three-storey house is with an interesting architecture and each floor isabout 130 sq.m. It is situated in a quiet place in the lower part of the Dragalevtsi district.
Price :
6 000 €
Area: 132 sq.m.
Garden: 3000 sq.m.
Ref. No: 26737
This built in 1960 two-storey brick house is 66 sq.m. It is located on the outskirts of the small Thracian village of Stransko. The village is situated 18 km to the north of the town of Dimitrovgrad. Near the village there are several small cascading micro dams.
Price :
45 000 €
Area: 60 sq.m.
Garden: 100 sq.m.
Ref. No: 29382
This one-storey furnished panel house is 60 sq.m. It is located about 600 meters from the beach of Nea Kalikratia. The city is situated at the starting point of Chalkidiki, about thirty kilometers to the south of Thessaloniki.