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Land near the coast

Price :
17 500 €
Area: 1000 sq.m.
Ref. No: 820
This regulated plot of land is 1000 sq.m. and it is suitable for residential use. It is located not far from the church of the small boundary village Durankulak.
Price :
7 500 €
Area: 500 sq.m.
Ref. No: 821
This regulated plot of land is 500 sq.m. It is used for residential purposes and it is located near the church of the very small boundary village of Staevtsi.
Price :
85 500 €
Area: 9001 sq.m.
Ref. No: 819
Поземлен имот с площ от 9001 кв.м. намиращ се в землището на град Варна квартал Аспарухово местност Ракитника – Орта Борун на около 1250 м от морския бряг.
Price :
39 000 €
Area: 820 sq.m.
Ref. No: 08914
Regulated plot of land with area of 820sq.m. situated in the area of "Belite Brezi"" which is about 500m away from the Castle and the Botanic garden in the sea town of Balchik.
Price :
7 815 000 €
Area: 120226 sq.m.
Ref. No: 206
Regulated plot of land with area of 120 226sq.m. situated about 50m away from the beach and the sea in the resort town of Obzor in direction to the town of Byala.
Price :
278 000 €
Area: 2535 sq.m.
Ref. No: 216
We are pleased to offer you an attractive investment property with a nice sea view situated 200m away from the main road to Sarafovo quarter in Bourgas and 340m away from the sea.
Price :
8 500 €
Area: 1045 sq.m.
Ref. No: 812
We offer you 3 plots of land in the outskirts of the village of Rudnik 15km away from the sea town of Byala and Shkorpilovtsi resort.
Price :
242 400 €
Area: 2020 sq.m.
Ref. No: 201
Regulated plot of land with a rectangular shape facing the main road Burgas-Nesebar, about 800-900m away from the sea and near "Admiral" hotel in the town of Pomorie.