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Properties near a dam

Price :
6 000 €
Area: 132 sq.m.
Garden: 3000 sq.m.
Ref. No: 26737
This built in 1960 two-storey brick house is 66 sq.m. It is located on the outskirts of the small Thracian village of Stransko. The village is situated 18 km to the north of the town of Dimitrovgrad. Near the village there are several small cascading micro dams.
Price :
58 000 €
Area: 170 sq.m.
Garden: 1000 sq.m.
Ref. No: 23707
This newly built two-storey solid villa building is with an architecture in Old Bulgarian style and is 85 sq.m. It is located in the Karadjova neighborhood of the small village of Muhovo, situated on the wooded slopes of Sredna Gora Mountain.
Price :
8 000 €
21 200 €
Area: 120 sq.m.
Garden: 1700 sq.m.
Ref. No: 11Z533
This two-storey village house is 120sq.m. It is located in a small but well-settled village Sopot that is situated on the main road from Sofia to Varna, 11 km away from Ugyrchin and 40 km away from the town of Lovech. The dam of Sopot is located nearby.
Price :
21 900 €
Area: 531 sq.m.
Ref. No: 501
This regulated plot of land is 480 sq.m. It is located in the village of Herakovo, Kantona area (Herakovo hanche) and faces two streets.
Price :
10 700 €
Area: 130 sq.m.
Garden: 830 sq.m.
Ref. No: 11813
This one-storey brick house close to nature is built in 1946 and is 65 sq.m. The property is located in the village of Golyama Zhelyazna situated on the shore of Sopot dam.
Price :
21 500 €
Area: 120 sq.m.
Garden: 690 sq.m.
Ref. No: 23709
This village one-storey brick house is with built-up area of about 50 sq.m. It is located in a small but well-arranged village, situated in a wood area at the slopes of Ihtiman Sredna gora mountain.
Price :
0 € / 10 € sq.m.
Area: 18902 sq.m.
Ref. No: 025
We offer four plots of land with ninth category of land and permanent use as follows: 4500 sq.m. pasture; 2941 sq.m. meadow; 9450 sq.m. and 2011 sq.m. abandoned perennials.
Price :
22 500 €
Area: 160 sq.m.
Garden: 650 sq.m.
Ref. No: 14609
This renovated and furnished two-storey brick house is located in the small semi-mountainous village Yarlovtsi and offers a wonderful view to Rui mountain.