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Area Guidebook

The village of Anton( 1806 inhabitants after the census 01.03.2001) is a municipality center, 8 km northeast from the town of Pirdop and 90 km east from the capital of Sofia. Anton is a railway station on the Lower Balkan railroad from Sofia to Burgas.
Apriltsi has recently developed into an attractive mountain resort with its renovated recreation facilities, new private hotels and restaurants, modern nightclubs and cafes, swimming pools.
Arbanassi is one of Bulgaria"s most picturesque villages. It lies hidden on a plateau 4 kilometres north east of Turnovo and some of the many monasteries built during the Second Empire still stand today.
The beautiful nature, the favourable climate, the curative mineral waters and the excellent resort infrastructure contribute to the development of Bankya as a prestigious national and international resort and, ecological reserve of Sofia.
Bansko is the newest Bulgarian winter resort, recently discovered by the foreign tourists. Bansko provides an interesting combination between the virgin nature of Pirin Mountain and the atmosphere of the ancient Bulgarian small town.
Beli Iskar is huddled in the bosom of the Rila Mountain and is just a short drive from the bustling ski resort of Borovets. Everyone who has visited this charming village is astounded by its beauty. Just a few years ago, major development projects started in the area which has resulted in a significant increase in the value of real estate and the village now provides everything for the tourists.
The village of Brussen(303 inhabitants after the census in 2001) is a part of Etropole municipality. It is located in the northern branches and slopes of Zlatitsa – Teteven part of Balkan mountain on an altitude of 420 m above sea level.
It is the sea itself that is shaping the appearance of Burgas, the spirit of its people and the original atmosphere due to century-old contacts with various nations and civilizations.
Varna is Bulgaria"s third largest city.
Town Velingrad is our largest spa resort. It is situated amidst the wonderful natural surrounding of the Western Phodopes. The abundance of mineral waters, the modern spa, resort facilities, mild climate and wonderful natural conditions, offers recreation

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