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Services and fees


Aiming to assure quality services for our clients and partners in every aspect of the real estate field, ICBproperties offers a full range of property solutions - consultancy, mediation and juridicial services in buying, selling, renting or managing real estates. 

Here you can find a detailed list of our services and fees.

Consultancy services on purchase, sale or rent of properties, market analysis and selection of suitable properties in Bulgaria or Greece complying with the client's requirements. Individual advisory services, oriented towards the specific needs of the clients

Mediation in the purchase-sale process of real estates includes selection of properties, arranging viewing trips, checks on the title deeds as well as all the required for the deal completion documents, checks for burdens, drawing up and organising the signing of the preliminary contract and the final completion of the deal.

The agency commission amounts up to 3 % of the agreed selling price but not less than 400 ( four hundred) Euros for each client of the agency. The commission is payable on signing of the preliminary contract except in the cases when there is an additional agreement between the parties or it is stated that there is no commission for the property.

  Mediation for renting a property - This service includes selection of suitable properties or clients, arranging viewings, checks on the available ownership documents and all the other required for the deal documents, drawing up and organisation of the rental contract.

The agency commission - For 1-year rents the fee is 1/2 of the monthly rent but not less than 100 (one hundred) Euros from each client of the agency. It is payable on signing the rental contract except in the cases when there is additional agreement between the parties. For long-term rents the agency commission is 5% of the rental price of the whole period from each of the clients. For short-term rents - the commission fee is a subject to be agreed.

The services and the agency fees with regards to the purchase, sale or rent of properties in Greece you can read on the page PROPERTIES IN GREECE.

Transport service: The viewing trips of chosen by the client properties located outside of the ring road of Sofia are arranged with an agent from ICBproperties and with a transport by the client. If you wish to use a company transport we charge 0.50lv. per km. There is no charge for viewings in the city of Sofia.

Assistance with getting bank loans for buying properties in Bulgaria

Independent building supervision and assessments for the of investment projects on the territory of Bulgaria

Consulting services with regards to projects and construction of new buildings and parts of them including renovation, inside reconstruction, design and furnishined of properties

Legal services

Property insurance

For more information about our services you can send us an email at info@icbproperties.com or visit our office using the contact details below:

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